The town is governed by a mayor-council form of government. Elected officials consist of the mayor and five commissioners or council members. When elected, officials serve a four-year term. Present elected and appointed officials are:

Term Expiration:
Mayor Winifred Hill Murphy 2021 (Elected November 2019)
Mayor Pro Tem Austin Brown 2021 (Elected November 2019)
Commissioner Eddie Bronson Jr 2021 (Elected November 2017)
Commissioner Carolyn Robinson Melvin 2021 (Elected November 2019)
Commissioner Barbara A. Peterson 2021 (Elected November 2019)
Commissioner Jo Allison Strickland 2021 (Appointed February 2020)

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Board Attorney:  Alan Maynard, Esquire


Mayor and Commissioners

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Mayor Winifred Hill Murphy

Commissioner Winifred Hill Murphy (elected in November 2011) was appointed Mayor for the Town of Garland on February 2, 2012. Mayor Murphy was elected Mayor in November 2013 and will serve a four-year term. Mayor Murphy is the first female and first African American mayor to be appointed and elected for the Town of Garland. The Mayor was re-elected in November 2019 and will serve a two-year term.


Mayor Pro Tem Austin Brown

My name is Austin Brown. I am a lifelong citizen of the Town of Garland. I am the son of Tammy Brown, who has also lived in Garland her whole life. I am the grandson of the late Madelene Simmons Brown and Thomas Leroy Brown who lived in the Tomahawk community. I am a member of the Garland Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church. I served on the Garland Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department from 2012-2017. I am also a former Public Works employee of the Town of Garland. I currently work at Big Blue Stores in Clinton NC. Through the years I have been very civically minded and have always had a passion for serving on the Garland Board of Commissioners with a hope to one day become Mayor of the Town of Garland. On November 7th, 2017 I made history in the Town by being elected the youngest Commissioner to ever serve on the Town Board.  I see the potential in Garland and hope to continue to move Garland forward in a positive direction.


Commissioner Eddie Bronson Jr


Commissioner Carolyn Robinson Melvin


Commissioner Barbara A. Peterson


Commissioner Jo Allison Strickland


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